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Welcome, My name is Valerie, the California Psychic / Healer. I traveled extensively through out my life. California being one of the favorite places I’ve visited . I’m listed as a California Psychic because most of my clients are from California area, but I welcome callers from across the globe. I have been an intuitive life coach and relationship advisor, since 2002. I also utilize my strongest spiritual gifts, such as the ability to see beyond your current circumstances, to become a better you. I also believe in the creators guidance. This allows me to be open to feelings, visions or messages that come through. What better way to find your path than through divine guidance. You may be accustomed to your current life. All may seem comfortable in some ways, but I assure you, if you allow yourself to see yourself in a different light or new perspective, you may want a change. My hope is to help you find the inner strength drive and enthusiasm to make those changes. Allowing you to be able to envision a new future for yourself. I will not allow you to have excuses, such as I’m not smart enough, family or relationship issues. If you want it go get it.  I believe nothing is impossible, with clear intention, spiritual guidance and intuitive wisdom.



How a spiritual life coach can help you 

  • Facilitate understanding about your current circumstances
  • Guide you to make the best choices in your relationships
  • Help you listen to your inner voice to find direction in your life
  • Gain tools to make your mark in the cooperate world
  • Accept yourself as you are.  Find your strengths

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