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​​I am Valerie Gayle. I have spent the last 14 years providing Psychic + Medium readings, connecting to the spirit of departed / love ones crossed over.  I help people gain confirmation their loved ones in spirit, are still around. I also provide pet mediumship. A few years ago I provided readings on Blog Talk Radio, but do to a glitch, I lost my shows. However, I'm still available on Kasamba chat and Keen for medium phone readings.​ You can also find me on Etsy if you prefer a email reading. 

What my medium readings are like - Well I have a reading style, that I believe helps to shift, me into the medium reading zone. I prefer, gathering info. through my senses and delivering it through a vision, or intuitive feeling about your love ones. I have noticed that the more open the client the more accurate the reading. 

Mediumship / Medium Readings by Phone, Chat and Email

Psychic Email Readings (Paypal)
Psychic Readings by Email and Phone - www.valerie-gayle.com

 $30, three question email reading. Pay with Paypal below.  Reading within 24 hours (usually earlier)

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Disclaimer: Areas of practice: Must be 18/over to call. Entertainment only. I provide spiritual reading, including angelic messages and divine spiritual guidance in areas of love,career and life. In some instances I may provide intuitive healing. My readings are not suggested to be a replacement for medical professional help.