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013456rrr5567y8Valerie believes that we can all create our dreams and fulfill our deepest desires as long as they are inline with the higher universal power or the Creator’s vision for you, but you are in control in many ways. Part of being in control is realizing what is best for you. You can always push to go a certain route or momentary desire, but opening up yourself to your highest potential will bring you the best outcome. Living your life as a valued person, who has so much to give, will help you learn to respect yourself and gain respect from others. Valerie wants to help you see what’s going on in your life, so you can gain a deeper understanding. You may not realize something better awaits. You may need to find solutions and clear the path, to a happier you. You need someone connected to the highest realm and vibration to give you accurate insight. Valerie truly desires to help you overcome many obstacles you face day to day. You can call on her if you need some honest insight.


click4bn11Clairvoyant readings – She is also a clairvoyant psychic, who offers readings across the globe.  She has built her reputation as a spiritual reader and love / life path psychic., who is able see a situation with just a name. She feels it is her duty, to be as accurate as possible, although she will never say she is 100%. As a God given, spiritual reader, her energy is always focused on the highest, most positive vibration… In fact, she  connects to a the Creator, daily.



bn11Empathic Reading – Valerie tries to see the situation from the clients perspective, and has a unique, ability to see all sides of a situation.. This makes her a very intuitive love reader, because, she is empathic to how our/your significant other actually feels. She is known to be a compassionate, yet, a very honest reader. She wants you to know that.. she cares enough… to tell you the truth. Valerie  truly believes in honesty, that’s why she feels it’s important to share her exact feelings in a reading.







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